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StarDomes™ Inflatable Bubble Dome

Enjoy the outdoors while still maintaining a modern interior space with this unique bubble dome. The bubble’s large size allows you to decorate as you see fit and transform a little piece of nature into your private sanctuary of peace and tranquility, minus the insects.

Our StarDomes™ Inflatable Bubble Dome is a transparent inflatable outdoor tent that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without any disturbance from nature’s unpredictability. So if you want to watch the beautiful transition from day to night and see the night sky in all its splendour in the safety of being “indoors”, this transparent bubble dome does the trick perfectly.

Also, our bubble dome makes the perfect selection for events, business gatherings and romantic dining concepts for restaurants; applicable for both private and commercial use.

Check out our new Double Domes! Featuring an extra room with added privacy but no compromise on the view. You're welcome.


The Perfect Outdoor Camping

Convenient & Fuss-free
Comes with an automatic silent air pump blower that enables a quick set-up in less than 30 minutes.

Serenity Peace
Switch up your living environment by heading to the dome for a peaceful and quiet afternoon nap/reading session.

Spacious & Comfortable
Ceiling height of atleast 3m makes it extremely airy and palatial, where you can sleep comfortably and peacefully.

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